Age: 30

Height: 179cm / 5 Ft 10 in

Weight: 74 kg

Tattoos: Yes, Lower right arm

Star Sign: Leo

About Ross:

Personally l consider myself a man with zest for life always looking for the positive points in people. My life is busy and full and l try to make the most of every day and not waste opportunities that come my way.

Life can test us at times and when these moments come along l do my best to see them as a challenge and look at positive ways to solve problems; this is my positive nature at work.

As l have a fun loving disposition l really enjoy meeting new people from different countries and engaging in conversation to fine out how other people live. This helps me learn, these experiences also broaden my mind.

Please expect to have a date with lots of fun and conversation with me. My friends tell me l have a kind considerate nature and am very easy to talk to so you will entertained.

Things that excite Ross:

Socialising with friends

Enjoying music

Meeting new people

Good Food




Favourite Food: Sea food and a good steak

Favourite Drinks: Good beer and gin and tonic